Cornerstone Church Nashville

Cornerstone Church Nashville

Cornerstone Church Nashville

The Cornerstone Church in Nashville stands tall and welcomes people from all paths of life. The church opened its doors in 1983 and has since become the most popular church in the area.

The hard work of Pastor Maury Davis and the entire church committee has been highly appreciated by the community. Earlier, the church was only a building with a few decorations, but a lot has changed since Pastor Davis and the church committee dedicated themselves to improving the church, making it warm and inviting for members.

Biography of Pastor Maury Davis

Pastor Maury Davis is the Senior Pastor of the beautiful Cornerstone Church in Nashville. Dr. Davis was an anti-Islamic antagonist, as well as a man who stabbed the Sunday school teacher (age 54). This murder landed him in jail for a sentence of 20 years. But he met Jesus, who came to him and released him after serving only 8 years.

In January of 1991, Dr. Davis gave his first speech at the Cornerstone Church. Since his first sermon that day, Davis has become the Senior Pastor.

Davis Gives to the Cornerstone Church

In 1991, Pastor Davis came to the conclusion that he must improve the church by providing several facilities for members to attend. Then, within only six months, the Cornerstone Church was renovated from the ground up. The balcony and bathrooms were added, along with a nursery, all of which improved the look and appeal of the church.

In 1993, Pastor Davis planned to build a classroom and church offices with multiple rooms. He finished this project the same year. Likewise, there are several gifts given to the Cornerstone Church by Pastor Davis, such as the gym and family center, both of which are open on a regular basis.

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